Here are the links to the films and music from today's episode.

Baybe Champ was featured in the movie Scrapertown by Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari as part of the series, California Is A Place. You can stay up to date with Champ and The Original Scraper Bike Team, from where the next meet up is to donating to the movement by following their blog. Scrapertown won the Jury Special Selection at 5Point Film Festival. 

Felt Soul Media created Running Down The Man in 2007, featuring Frank and William Smethhurst fly fishing for Rooster fish in Baja. Frank also starred in the newest creation, Eastern Rises, which won the People's Choice at 5Point. 

In the next episode we'll feature Mickey Smith and Nick Waggoner. 

Mickey created the viral sensation Dark Side of The Lens, combining stunning footage and poetic words. It won Best Cinematography at 5Point. Legend!

Nick Waggoner is the creative director at Sweetgrass Productions. With best friend and producer Zac Ramras, they created Signatures. We saw a sneak peak of their latest project, Solitaire at 5Point, and you can follow a behind-the-scenes series until the release in the fall of 2011.  

Now for the musical interludes!

"On the Scene" by Baybe Champ The Scraper Bike King. You can download the track for free from his website.

The Way we FeelSound of Seventy Three
"Shields" (mp3)
from "The Way we Feel"

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Platos CombinadosPiccola Orchestra Gagarin
"Camino a la Nave" (mp3)
from "Platos Combinados"
(Whatabout Jazz)

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La caverneMalajube
"Synesthésie" (mp3)
from "La caverne"

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