As outdoor types, we love rating systems. We'll rate anything. Rapids. Climbs. Ski runs.  Now, we've gone and tried to rate the unrateable -- fun.  Fun divided by three -- it's this concept that has been floating around campfires for years.  It dictates that there are three types of fun. There is type one fun and type two fun, but today, we are going to explore type three fun. This is the epic. The suffer fest. This is collarbone breaking,  giardia-getting, soaked-to-the-bone, carnage. If it sounds horrible, that's because it probably is.  What does type three fun entail? Why do some people seem particularly drawn to these types of adventures and what could possibly motivate us to embrace type three fun?  Today, we bring you answers.  

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  • Can I use your fun divided by 3 image for a blog?

    posted by: rich pickford on 2014-05-02 15:09:06

  • Fitz, awesome episode. I\\\'ve shared this with a ton of folks, and it\\\'s really had me thinking. I hope you don\\\'t mind, but I\\\'ve written a blog post based on your podcast: Type III Work ( Hope you don\\\'t mind. I did credit you.

    posted by: Beth on 2010-01-10 09:35:00

  • brilliant show - the intro really made me laugh out loud. during the show i definitely identified with and recalled experiences of this sick and addictive combination of fear, pain and fun! i\\\'m enjoying all the podcasts - keep up the awesome work! @michael - an appropriate addition of type IV fun..

    posted by: outdoor kate on 2010-02-16 09:55:00

  • Love it Fitz! My normal ski partners regularly ask me what \\\"type of fun\\\" I have planned when I call them. I\\\'m almost an invariably a Type II(+) kind of guy, and Type I enthusiasts learn to not answer my phone calls. We have added a 4th Type to our scale to deal with what you mention above. Type III is a sufferfest (we have a mandatory injury rule) that eventually results in a good story that even the sufferer can laugh at. Type IV is a sufferfest that the participant *never* gets to enjoy, but those around him/her have a great amount of FUN telling the story and ridiculing that person for getting themselves into a Type IV situation. Type IV Fun is only fun for others, not the participant, ever.

    posted by: Peter on 2009-12-10 11:45:00

  • Man, what a great episode. Listened to it three times. I always have considered exertion pain and \\\'toughness\\\' and wondered how it related. Now I know. I climbed Rainier last summer... had a messed up knee from an old rock climbing injury and ultimately didn\\\'t summit. I couldn\\\'t push through the exertion pain. Buddy of mine, very similar injury from a recent marathon, pushed through and made it. I didn\\\'t have fun, it wasn\\\'t fun while I was doing it, but it sure as hell was fun to talk about after the trip, for both of us. Thanks, Fitz... I always look forward to new episodes, and you keep bringing it.

    posted by: Michael on 2009-12-12 18:26:00

  • Great. I\\\'m glad you guys liked this one. I wasn\\\'t sure how it would go over. Yeah, I really got interested in the science. I think I could have gone on for hours about that one.

    posted by: thedirtbag on 2009-12-23 11:35:00

  • Great show!! I certainly had never thought of fun in this way. Very enlightening. I can certainly think of a few of my own type three fun times!

    posted by: Ryan on 2009-12-08 23:08:00

  • Great episode. It\\\'s so true about the pain being part of the fun. As long distance runner and racer i can remember that in the momments I feel like I can\\\'t go on, but I do. Later I tell my self that I\\\'ll never do that again, but I always do. That last part makes me think of Ferris Bullers Day Off when the principal sits on the school bus with torn pants and blood all over, and some kid offers him a warm gummy bear. Good Stuff.

    posted by: Dean white mt.runner.NH on 2009-12-09 15:25:00

  • Steve, I think that depends entirely on the person. I have a notoriously short memory. It even surprises me. I\\\'d say three hours after food and water intake following an epic. Maybe shorter. El Cap sucks the entire way -- there are really cool moments -- but basically it\\\'s a lot of work and as soon as I get the car I could turn around again. Weird. Thanks everyone for writing in.

    posted by: thedirtbag on 2009-12-09 21:36:00

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