The average American spends a third of their income on housing. Almost as much as the next two greatest expenses--food and transportation--combined. So, theoretically, if you just stopped paying for housing, you could earn a living working three days a week. Or two thirds of the year. 

Today, we bring you a story about the pursuit of snow, world domination and cheap rent. It's imperfect. It comes with inconveninces. Trade-offs. But, at the end of the day, what would you rather trade in? Convenience? Or time chasing down dry rock or fluffy snow? 


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Some Kind of Hate by Angie and the Car Wrecks

Chain by Harmonica Lewinsky

Hotel Denalian by Bravo, Max!

Young Blood by Black Pistol Fire

Primary Colors by Ken Christianson


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Brody Leven applied for a climbing permit for Denali from a rented Subaru parked outside a closed cafe. In a blizzard. In Iceland. Weeks later, he would fly to Alaska to meet up with his team of overly accomplished athletes with the goal of climbing and skiing from Denali's summit. Determined not to be the weak link, he spent his two week layover in Salt Lake City obsessing over his gear. “I packed, unpacked, checked and repacked,” remembers Brody. “I read every online gear checklist I could find, packed my warmest clothes, and measured the length of my prussiks.” Yet, despite all of his careful planning, Brody made one dire miscalculation. 



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Cowgirls by Ken Christianson

Dark Matters by David Emeny

Inferno by Darren Lock

Like Eating Glass by Block Party



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There are two kinds of dreams. An honest dream. “The kind of dream,” writes Luke Mehall “that keeps you up at night, and wakes you up in the morning with a knot in your stomach that can only be untied with blood sweat and tears.” For Luke, climbing El Cap was that kind of dream. And then there’s the other kind of dream. The kind that starts out as a joke, then escalates to the level of the ridiculous. When Luke drove west towards Yosemite National Park, he was determined to realize one of each. 



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My Misery by Wolf Boy Slim & His Dirty Feet

Crampbone by The Cassettes

Slow Burn by Black Fire Pistol

Whenever You're Ready by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


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We all know the feeling of remoteness. The stillness. The perspective. It's part of what keeps drawing us outside. But what does it feel like to be standing, literally, in the most remote place in a state? In the country? And what might those places reveal about the fate of our country's wild lands? In 2010, Ryan and Rebecca Means embarked upon Project Remote to find out. 




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Pay My Dues by Battery Life

Surfin' Tucson by Angie and the Car Wrecks 

Right Wing Failure by Deadlinks

Dyin' by Kelly Richey

Primary Colors by Ken Christianson


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“With steely determination, I pointed my tips downhill and tried to power through the deep snow, but I was doomed,” remembers Julia Rosen. “I started to do the super slow splits as my skis drifted further and further apart under two piles of snow that felt like wet concrete. My feet stopped, but my body lurched forward and I was thrust into an unwelcome downward dog.” Anyone who’s skied powder remembers this fall. Anyone who, like Julia, learned to ski pow as an adult remembers it more clearly. But Julia did make it through the painful learning process—only to discover that, perhaps, the wisdom she had gained might just serve her in the horizontal world as well. 



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Påte Filo by Malajube

Mountain Soul Fire by woodrowgerber

Risin' Sun by Kelly Richey

Never Lost by The Cassettes

No Darkness by The Woodsmen


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Plastic bags. They clog drawers, landfills, coastlines and trailheads. Recycling them is confusing and inefficient. But what if there was a way to turn the trash into something of value? Enter Industrial Designer Will Wells. Today, we bring you our annual Year of Big Ideas. We talked to contributors and friends about their goals for the coming year. Here's to going big, traveling to new places and trying something new. And here's to making something that will inspire others, even if it's small.

Happy 2014.


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Moonshine by Angie and the Car Wrecks

Shoot You Down by 202s

Please Don't Ask Me to Explain It by The Walthall Tango

This Modern Love by Bloc Party

41 South by John Berry

In a Cave by Tokyo Police Club

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Powerful ideas often demand that we leave the comfort of a safety net. We quit a nine to five. We take out a second mortgage on our house. Along the way, we can expect to be called a crazy one day and brilliant the next. In the late 1990's, Jeff Pensiero had an idea--to build a backcountry ski lodge that catered to snowboarders. It was outlandish--targeting a market that barely existed—and yet perfect.  But, like any dream, it took years of sweat, worry, right people-right time connections, and damn good perseverance to make it all look seamless. From the shores of Lake Tahoe to the world renowned slopes of Baldface Lodge, we bring you one snowboarder’s journey to create his dream. 


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The Watchmaker by David Beard

What Would Wolves Do? by Les Savy Fav

Gone Home by Battery Life

Letters Home by emFRIK

Nathaniel by O'Death

Angels Make Contact by Matt Mays

This Modern Love by Bloc Party

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Significant life tumult propelled Nick Triolo to leave his home and move to Todos Santos, Baja earlier this year. As an ultra-runner, he instinctively explored the area on foot. As he settled into the town and its community, he became aware of a growing resistance to proposed mining in the area. And he knew he wanted to help. But how? It might have been easy for Nick to shrug off the feeling. Instead he thought big-- he would organize a protest run across the 70-mile wide stretch of the Baja Peninsula-- through the heart of where the mining was proposed. And he would run it in a day. Now, could he get anyone to join him? 


See Nick's photos from the run here and here. This story was adapted from Nick's post on The Jasmine Dialogues

Special thanks to Montana Public Radio KUFM in Missoula and Sherie Newman for volunteering time to help with the recording. 

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