"I remember really quickly going from, 'Wow, I'm home, this feels great', to 'Holy s***, what did I do to my mom'?" says alpinist Kyle Dempster. "And that was the first time I saw how truly difficult it is for mothers."

Today, we bring you two stories--one from Hilary Oliver, and one from Kyle Dempster and his mother, Terry--about the struggle of loving an adventurer. The struggle between loving them so much that you don't want to see them hurt, and loving them so much that you want to support them in pursuing their dreams--in doing the things that make them tick.

This story was originally inspired by one of Kyle's blog posts by the same title. You can find more of Kyle's writing at Through My Eyes.

You can find Hilary's writing at TheGription.


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The Walk by Nony Zero

Fly by Jason Tyler Burton

Walk a Mile in My Spurs by Stillborn Identity

Shadowlark by The King in Yellow

Last Chance for Love by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Around the Bend by woodrowgerber

Yucca by Dokapi

Pay My Dues by Battery Life

Hard Right by Drop Top Lincoln


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"I was disoriented beneath the cold water. I kicked toward the surface, but the force of the water held me down. I twisted and hung underwater for a moment. A thought passed through my head--this is what it feels like to drown," writes Dan Gingold. Dan and three friends planned to raft the Musconetcong River into the larfer Delaware River over three days. With the river running high with spring rains and little prior recon, their mellow trip became more than they bargained for as they navigated multiple dams



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Imagine Magenta by Dan-O

In This Minute by A Single Voice

Wild Wind by John Berry from Big North

Many thanks to John for letting us use his music. He found us and we are grateful!

Trouble With River Cities by Pela from Anytown Graffiti 

Some of Pela's members have regrouped and now perform as Augustines



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"It's like you're scared to move forward-- you just need something to give you a little nudge," says Jonah Manning. "You can call it support, but, really it's just like a little bit of a shove forward. And I'll never forget it, because Widge was certainly that for me."  Today, we bring you the story of Widge, the ultimate adventure partner. Sometimes when that metaphorical door of adventure opens, you need someone to walk through by your side. 




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Done with Dallas by Bradley Carter

Iron Horse by Angie and the Car Wrecks

I Caught Ya Hidin' by Paperboy

Hot Mess by Black Pistol Fire

Blizzard of My Love by Paperboy

Matter of Time by Runaway Dorothy

Chasing Trains by Publish the Quest


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"Standing up in my pedals, I dug so deep to make it to the top of the hill I wasn't positive that my butt could bear sitting back down on my bike seat when I got to the top," Hilary Oliver remembers. "I'd hardly said a word to another human being all day, and began to wonder: What the hell was I doing out there, anyway?" Hilary had driven that stretch of asphalt between Fort Collins and Denver many times, but she didn't know what it had to teach her about herself and where she came from until she got out from behind the windshield. 

You can find more of Hilary's writing at TheGription.com.


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Past the Sun by The Cassettes

Workin’ Hard Woman by Kelly Richey 

Title of Photograph: Filled with Dread in Los Angeles by Chuck Hoffman 

15 Minutes by Hemmit

Innuendo by Chiwawa


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A month ago, we headed south for our annual pilgrimage to the 5 Point Film Festival and our live Dirtbag Diaries. Today, we share stories from two women, from two different generations who share a love for rivers. In 2013, Amber Valenti had the opportunity to paddle one of the last great free-flowing rivers in the world-- The Amur River. Amber, along with three other women paddlers, documented the river from its remote headwaters in Mongolia to the wide-ribboned channels in Russia. Amber wrote and produced the film, "Nobody's River," filled with hilarious antics and the soulful exploration of a new place and oneself. 

Our next guest, Katie Lee, was a force to have on stage. Feisty, poignant and ready to tell you what she thinkS, Katie is not your typical nonagenarian. Katie started her career as an actress in Hollywood, but soon left it behind after taking her first trip down the Grand Canyon. But it was Glen Canyon that she fell in love with. When it was flooded in 1963, Katie used her voice to write songs and books about the river and the west. And she's still using her voice as an activist for the environment. 

This episode contains strong language. 



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Nobody's River will be at mountain and adventure film festivals for the rest of the year. It will release online late 2014 

You can see and hear more of Katie Lee in DamNation with screenings scheduled around the country, or schedule one near you. And you can watch it online on June 6th. 

Watch the DamNation trailer now.



Lake Rise by John Berry

Bloom by Benny No-Good

Holy Water by Denise Casey


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Committed. It’s a word we use to describe people we know, our friends, even ourselves. Committed to a sport. A ski line. A lifestyle. It can be easy to commit to those daily or short term goals. But carving out time to achieve a bigger dream, something that may take weeks or months, even years--it can feel really hard to take that first step. To even know what that first step is. And sometimes, the very goal we set for ourselves can define the duration of our commitment. Twelve years ago, Pablo Garcia left Argentina to pedal around the world. And he’s still pedaling. 

Click Here to Listen

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Fire Diary by Ken Christianson

Tango de la Muerte by Matadors

Ruben's Train by Bradley Carter

I Believe People Can Change by Publish the Quest


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The average American spends a third of their income on housing. Almost as much as the next two greatest expenses--food and transportation--combined. So, theoretically, if you just stopped paying for housing, you could earn a living working three days a week. Or two thirds of the year. 

Today, we bring you a story about the pursuit of snow, world domination and cheap rent. It's imperfect. It comes with inconveninces. Trade-offs. But, at the end of the day, what would you rather trade in? Convenience? Or time chasing down dry rock or fluffy snow? 


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Dan was kind enough to share some photos of one of the smaller treehouses from the Treewok episode. Enjoy!


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