"If there are three types of fun, there should be five types of B.O." It happens to all of us. You're out camping for a few days, maybe more. Free from the hygienic shackles of society, you sniff and think, "I'm good."  Brendan Leonard's been there. He'll go multiple days without a shower, because one isn't readily available, or he doesn't want to find the soap buried in his car. It's gotten bad. Really bad. Brendan breaks down the B.O. levels. What's your rank?


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  • Some of us view BO as an odiferous badge of honor, an achievement. I have even won BO contests, complete with 3 judges, consisting of both genders to avoid a draw, or sex bias. However, when returning to cyphilusation, one technique to shirk responsibility for Type IV&V BO is to wear a button shirt with a collar preferably drab colors to mask residual nature bits. In crowded areas few people will point the finger (or projectile vomit) at a person wearing a shirt that looks like a picnic table cloth. Good luck, and stay stinky my friends!

    posted by: fd on 2012-07-12 14:46:04

  • This is a funny one! Yeah! We can't deny that we all had our odors...but luckily, mine isn't that intense. :)

    posted by: Henry Mitchel on 2012-06-21 07:48:32

  • I loved this one; my own smell woke me up in the middle of the night a few times on my last trip. I would have sworn some carrion eating beast had wandered into my camp to relieve itself until I'd lower my nose below the collar of my (infamously smell producing) capilene shirt and realize "Oh, that smell is ME!"

    posted by: Colleen on 2012-06-12 18:13:45

  • A homeless guy in San Francisco once told me... "If you can smell you today, someone else smelled you yesterday"

    posted by: Vinny on 2012-06-06 15:44:01

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