"I am a connoisseur of convenience stores," writes Brendan Leonard. On road trips, he always stops to check out the t-shirt rack, bumper stickers or display of trinkets unique to the area. And every stop is a chance to find the best, ever. But he hadn't quite found it. Until friends told him of a magical place huddled in the shadow of the Sierra. Instead of hot dogs endlessly spinning under heat lamps, steaks sizzled.  People gathered and celebrated. Circus troops careened through the skies above. Indeed, this was a magical place, but could it exceed his checklist of expectations?


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  • The Mobil really is a magical place. I also saw a bluegrass band there in the summer of 2012 and had a fantastic time. The hot springs around are also great. The whole eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, I mean you can't go wrong.. PS. Just found this blog and semi-rad.com and I love 'em. Totally strike a chord with me. Thanks for sharing!

    posted by: Margaret on 2014-01-23 06:54:16

  • Woah Nellie! I once drove 3 hours with my dad and brother just to get those fish tacos. Unreal, yes.

    posted by: Michael Reiner on 2013-01-12 08:29:32

  • So Semi-Rad.com is rad, and I'm a big fan of the Diaries, and the Mobil is great (I prefer the hot springs though), but you're going to talk about the Trespassers playing a great show and not include any of their music? Seems like a logical connection to play that during the podcast. www.thetrespassers.com - They're an awesome local band from Yosemite check them out!

    posted by: Jonathan Byers on 2012-03-29 23:02:53

  • The Hot Spot is surely no Mobil, but this is an incredible view into life inside a convenience store: https://twitter.com/#!/hotspotavl No joke.

    posted by: Jean on 2012-03-23 19:07:18

  • I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one obsessed with these roadside gems found in the good old USA! I have also biked across the country and Wall Drug was one of the highlights of my trip. I will definitely have to take a trip to the Mobil someday. Thanks for sharing.

    posted by: Maggie M on 2012-03-02 19:47:39

  • I know where im going this summer.

    posted by: Noah Cacayorin on 2012-03-02 03:09:09

  • Cool stuff.

    posted by: Keith on 2012-02-14 19:38:41

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